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Brief Introduction:

“Our University grew out of the radical vision of our first Chancellor, Joseph Chamberlain. Founded in 1900, Birmingham represented a new model for Higher Education. We were England’s first civic university, a place where students from all backgrounds were accepted on an equal basis. More than 100 years on, our Birmingham campus has grown to 672 acres, and we also now have a campus in Dubai. Each year, we welcome more than 30,000 students from across the world. Our size has changed, but our civic commitment has not.”






The agreement of Beijing Jiaotong University(BJTU) and University of Birmingham(UoB) for the collaboration between School of Science, BJTU and School of Mathematics, UoB was earliest signed in 2012. The framework is very flexible of 2+2, 3+1+1 for BJTU undergraduate students of math related majors. It’s also open for the students who just graduated from BJTU undergraduate education. For the 2+2 program participants, students will obtain a Bachelor of Science degree at BJTU and a bachelor of Science degree at UoB, too. For 3+1+1 program participants, they will obtain a Bachelor of Science degree at BJTU and a Master of Science degree at Birmingham.