School of Science Holds the National Scholarship, Special Scholarship and Advanced Class Collective Defense Conference for Postgraduates in the Academic Year of 2020-2021

From:admin 2021-10-18

In order to promote the construction of the graduates’ study style and give full play to the model roles, School of Science held the National Scholarship, Special Scholarship and Advanced Class Collective Defense Conference for postgraduates in the academic year of 2020-2021 on the afternoon of Oct 14th and Oct 15th in the Conference Room 7215. Tang Aiwei, Deputy Council Chairperson and Deputy Dean of School of Science, Yan Weiheng, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Sun Yupeng and Zhou Yanjun, Counselors of the graduates’, You Fengling, Secretary of the graduates’, members of the Academic Committee of the Faculty, members of the Academic Degrees Committee of the Faculty, representatives of graduate class teachers, tutors, professors, students and other related teachers and students served as judges of this Defense.


School of Science attaches great importance to the work of evaluation in this academic year, and sets up the scholarship evaluation committee. After graduates’ personal declaration and preliminary examination of School of Science, a total of 25 candidates for the national awards, 13 candidates for special scholarships and 11 classes were selected for the on-site defense. Graduates who took part in the scholarship defense would give a three-minute self-statement on their application reasons from the aspects of the academic achievements, scientific research competitions, social work and volunteer service, which fully demonstrated the spirit of hard research, brave practice and positive progress of the students in School of Science.


In the defense of Advanced Class Collective, each class fully demonstrated the work of the class from the aspects of party and group class construction, scientific research, volunteer practice, characteristic activities and so on. They also exhibited united and lovely class groups in various forms such as PPT, multimedia and performance. The teach judges, 22 students, public judges evaluated and scored.


In the end, 13 graduate students, including Shang Du and Tian Yajie obtained the national scholarship recommendation qualification. Three graduate students , including Guo Zhecan received special scholarship. Six graduates’ classes were awarded the recommendation qualification of advanced classes.